Kea Biotech Pvt Ltd. is a manifestation of twenty-first century’s young mind potential and talent. We, a group of young and talented researchers in Kea Biotech, came together for “Atmanirbhar Bharat” with a determination of bringing innovation in the healthcare sector for unique healthcare products. Kea Biotech is committed to bringing innovative products which are unique, superior, effective, and affordable to the common population of our society.

In the current situation, where the whole world is grappling with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, as a first milestone, Kea Biotech brings innovative antimicrobial products for you to win this fight. DuroKea are
nano-formulation based unique products which instantly kills pathogens and provides you with prolonged protection from contagious microbes including COVID-19 Virus. Unlike other available products in the market,
instant killing (<60 sec) is necessary to protect you and your family from Corona Virus.


“21st century innovation in healthcare technology and its benefit to everyone.”

Kea Biotech is committed to bring cutting-edge technology in the healthcare sector which should be accessible and affordable to common people in India and abroad. Apart from their in-house innovation, Kea Biotech is
working closely with different premier institutes in India to provide a unique platform to innovators for bringing their innovation to the common people.

In this journey, Kea Biotech brings the innovative DuroKea antimicrobial technology and products for your protection from germs and COVID-19 (corona) virus. DuroKea products are unique nano-formulations which kills
pathogens instantly and provides prolonged protection to you and your family. Kea Biotech stands out from others in their innovation and uniqueness of products, which are superior yet affordable and accessible to
the common people for healthier lives and happier homes.

Why DuroKea?

The instant killing of pathogens

The instant killing of pathogens is an immense necessity to protect you and your family from COVID-19 outbreak. Currently available long lasting (silane, silver based) hygiene products take a longer time (> 20 mins) to kill pathogens while DuroKea shows instant killing (30 sec) of model pathogenic bacteria/ fungus and Corona virus (<60 sec).


Alcohol-based hygiene products have been proven to be more effective thus being favourite and most popular worldwide including the medical community. DuroKea’s alcohol-based (70 %) products keep your choice and faith intact with superior long-lasting 360o protection.


Long-lasting protection

The alcohol instantly kills pathogens, and evaporation leaves behind the nano-formulation coating for long-lasting protection. Its unique positively charged nano formulation electrostatically attracts pathogens (normally negative charges) and kill instantly (<60 sec) by synergistic action of physical disruption (similar to silane) and chemical lysis from released molecules in close vicinity of pathogens.



Prof. Jyotsnendu Giri
Dr. Giri, is co-founder of EaffoCare Innovation Pvt. Ltd, incubating at iTIC (IIT Hyderabad) and Associate Professor at Biomedical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. He is leading research group eNARM Lab ( https://www.iith.ac.in/~jgiri) mainly focusing innovative biomaterials for Nanomedicine and Regenerative application.


Dr. Mohd. Qasim
Senior Scientist; Formulation
Dr. Mohd Qasim completed MSc Chemistry and MTech Nanotechnology from Aligarh Muslim University. He earned his doctorate (PhD in Nanoscience and Technology) from University of Hyderabad before joining IIT Hyderabad as National Post-doctoral Fellow.”


Dr. Sunil Kumar Yadava
Senior Scientist; Formulation
Dr. Sunil Kumar Yadava did post-graduation (UICT, NMU) in Pharmaceutical Technology and doctorate in Nanomedicine from IIT Hyderabad. in Nanomedicines. His research interest is mainly focus on the development of smart nanocarrier for Biomedical applications.


Dr. Purandhi Roopmani
Lab Operation
Dr. Purandhi Roopmani, received her Ph.D. from SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu in 2019. Her research interests include Drug Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering. Currently working as a post-doctoral fellow at IIT, Hyderabad.


Dr. Rajesh Mani
Senior Scientist: Microbiology
Dr. Rajesh Mani completed MSc from University of Tamil Nadu and Doctorate in Immunology from JNU, New Delhi. His research interest is in immunology and immunotherapy.


Prof. Amit Dinda, AIIMS
Clinical Advisor
Dr. Dinda is officer in-charge of Division of Renal and he has keen interest in experimental pathology with interdisciplinary research in immunopathology, tissue engineering, cancer biology and Nanomedicine. He is actively working in the area of application of Nanotechnology in Medicine and Nanotoxicology.


Dr. Biswajit Brahma
Scientific Advisor
Dr. B. Brahma is Associate Professor in the Division of Livestock Production and Magaement, SKUAST-Jammu. He is currently working on genomics of innate resistance of indigenous animals against infectious disease. His field of expertise includes host-pathogen intreaction through pathogen receptor mediated innate signalling mechanism.