Antiviral Mask Coating Spray


Kea Biotech’s DuroKea M is a novel nano formulation-based long-lasting coating spray for mask. It kills 99.99% of germs instantly including COVID-19 virus and makes the nanoscale coating on the mask for further protection till it is washed or discarded.
  • Alcohol-based fast drying antivirus nano-formulation coating
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial coating till it is washed or discarded
  • Suitable for varieties of mask surfaces
  • Kills 99.99% of germs within 60 seconds
  • Complete killing of COVID-19 Virus within 60 seconds
  • Dermatologically tested safe for skin
  • FDA, USA approved safe active molecules


Shake the bottle and spray DuroKea M thoroughly on the outer surface of the mask. Allow to air dry completely. It may take 10 to 15 minutes to dry. After drying, wear the mask. Your mask will be protected from virus and bacteria till it washed/discarded. Reapply on the reusable mask after every wash. It is Suitable for use to all types of masks.

What is long-lasting antimicrobial coating for mask and why is it important?
Conventional surface disinfectants containing alcohol kills the germs instantly upon spraying on the surface. As the liquid alcohol dries out, the surface will be contaminated again when people touch the surface or sneeze, cough and talk around the surface. If you touch this contaminated surface, you may be infected by the germs existing on the surface. Corona Virus can survive on such surfaces for several days and the spreading of virus through contaminated surface is very high. No matter how frequently you use the conventional surface disinfectants, you are vulnerable to germs or Covid-19 virus. In this current pandemic, if you want to protect yourself, you need to use something other than the conventional surface disinfectants on the commonly touched surface which can constantly kill germs including Corona Virus. Isn’t it? Concept of long-lasting Surface Disinfectant is obvious in this current pandemic situation and provides this constant protection.
How does long-lasting disinfectant work?

When you apply long-lasting surface disinfectant on a surface, its active molecules kill existing germs and makes a coating on the surface. This coating has molecules that can kill germs whenever it comes in contact with the surface. So, the chances of getting infected from the contaminated surface will be minimized. Moreover, in case of Corona Virus, good long-lasting surface disinfectant is the one which kill virus instantly.

How does long-lasting anti-microbialmask coating work?

When you apply long-lasting coating spray on the outer surface of the mask, its active molecules make coating on the same and keep on killing germs whenever come to contact to the coated surface. So, the chance of getting infection will be minimized.


Why you need fast drying alcohol coatingformulation for mask?
First drying is essential for instant coating application. Unlike nano-silver and nano-cupper product which are mostly aqueous based, uniform coating on hydrophobic mask surface as well as drying is challenging. On the other hand, alcohol-based coating spray such as DuroKea M can easily spread hydrophobic surface and make uniform coating by quickly drying alcohol. Moreover, it has been hundred years of practice of all medical community to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer as it is most effective killing germ molecules. Alcohol instantly kill all most all germs including Corona Virus upon application which is added advantage if you spray on contaminated mask surface.
How unique is DuroKea M aslong-lasting coating spray?
DuroKea M is long-lasting patented nano-formulation-based alcohol coating spray. It is the only long-lasting alcohol-based product available in the current market. Once you apply its alcohol component dry out fast by killing germs if exist on the mask surface. Quick evaporation alcohol leaves nano-formulation coating on the outer surface of the mask. The release of active molecules from nano-formulation and special physicochemical properties of coated nanoparticles (positive charges) constantly kill germs within 60 seconds (in case of Corona Virus the killing time will be <60 seconds) when it comes in contact with the coated surface. DuroKea M is unique from existing mask coating spray available in the foreign market in view of efficacy, price, and acceptability (see below).
Parameters DuroKea M Long-Lasting Mask Disinfectant Product (Abroad) Long-Lasting Mask Disinfectant Product (India)
Long Lasting Protection (Time) Till washed or discarded the Mask* Till the mask is washed or discarded No Product available
Instant killing of COVID-19 Virus on Disinfectant Coated Mask Surface (Time) < 60 Seconds* Data not available NIL
Instant killing of other Germs on Disinfectant Coated Mask Surface (Time) < 60 Seconds* Data not available NIL
Active Ingredients Patented Nano Formulation Cu/Ag Complex or Nanoparticles NIL
Alcohol Based and Fast Drying Yes No NIL
Cost to Coat 1 Mask (5 ml to Coat One Mask) ~INR 12.9 ~INR 221 NIL
*When Tested against Representative Organisms in Lab Conditions

No. This formulation has been made only for the mask surface.

The DuroKea M nano-formulation can instantly coat on the different fabric surfaces of mask and make it antimicrobial/anti-virus surface. Ideally, you can spray on your cloth to make antiviral depending on
the type of cloth. But it is not recommended to use on your cloths as alcohol may damage your cloth.

Yes. The efficacy of nano-formulation coating on the mask surface reduce after washing. So, after washing your reusable mask, you need to reapply DuroKea M on the outer surface of the mask. It is not
recommended for washing of Surgical (3-layer) and thus there is no need to reapply DuroKea M till you
discard the mask.

It is safe for skin as the ingredients used are all approved by FDA, USA for cosmeceutical use. The skin irritation test has been performed by NABL accredited laboratory and certified as safe on skin.

Laboratory test result shows that when corona virus suspension placed on DuroKea M coated surface, 100 percent virus killing was observed within <60 seconds of incubation on the surface.

Yes. The NABL accredited laboratory has tested the efficacy of DuroKea M towards seven different pathogenic bacteria and fungus. It was found that 99.99 % of these pathogenic bacteria and fungus were
killed within 60 seconds on the DuroKea M coated surface.

No. It is recommended to use only on the outer surface of mask. Coating on the outer surface of the mask is essential to kill pathogen before it enters to your inhalation system. Thus, coating on the
outer mask surface is essential for your protection.