Surface Disinfectant


Kea Biotech’s DuroKea S is a novel nano-formulation based surface disinfectant for frequently touched soft and hard surfaces such as tables, door handles, chairs, lift, dustbin, carpets, curtains, sofas and any other dry surface. Application of DuroKea S makes a nanoscale coating on the surface and provides protection up to 35 days. It kills 99.99% of germs instantly including COVID-19 virus.

  • Alcohol-based surface disinfectant, preferred by the medical community
  • Alcohol based instant killing of germs and protection
  • Long lasting protection up to 35 days
  • Kills 99.99% of germs within 60 seconds
  • Complete killing of COVID-19 virus within <60 seconds
  • Dermatologically tested and safe for skin (if you touch the DuroKea S coated surface)
  • EPA and CDC, USA approved safe molecules used


Apply DuroKea S on a pre-cleaned surface. Spray the liquid from 15-20 cm distance to cover the surface with mist. Allow the surface to air dry completely which may take 20 to 30 mins depending on the nature of the surface. There is no need to wipe the surface. For best results, let the surface dry overnight to make a strong adhesive coating on the surface.

Healthcare environments, medical practices

Schools, Colleges

Children play area

Airports, Aircrafts, Buses, Trains

Toilets and kitchens

Restaurants, cafeterias, kitchen worktops

Shopping malls

Wellness centres, spas, gyms


What is a long-lasting surface disinfectant and why is it important?

Conventional surface disinfectants containing alcohol kills the germs instantly upon spraying on the surface. As the liquid alcohol dries out, the surface will be contaminated again when people touch the surface or sneeze, cough and talk around the surface. If you touch this contaminated surface, you may be infected by the germs existing on the surface. Corona Virus can survive on such surfaces for several days and the spreading of virus through contaminated surface is very high. No matter how frequently you use the conventional surface disinfectants, you are vulnerable to germs or COVID-19 virus. In this current pandemic, if you want to protect yourself, you need to use something other than the conventional surface disinfectants on the commonly touched surface which can constantly kill germs including Corona Virus. Isn’t it? Concept of long-lasting Surface Disinfectant is obvious in this current pandemic situation and provides this constant protection.

How does long-lasting disinfectant work?

When you apply long-lasting surface disinfectant on a surface, its active molecules kill existing germs and makes a coating on the surface. This coating has molecules that can kill germs whenever it comes in contact with the surface. So, the chances of getting infected from the contaminated surface will be minimized. Moreover, in case of Corona Virus, good long-lasting surface disinfectant is the one which kill virus instantly.

Why alcohol-based sanitizing product is preferred by the medical community?

Since ages, the medical community practices the use of alcohol-based disinfectants / sanitizing products as they are the most effective in killing germs instantly including Corona Virus. Thus, they mostly prefer and trust disinfectants that are alcohol-based. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA also recommends alcohol-based disinfectants.

How unique is DuroKea S as a long-lasting surface disinfectant?

DuroKea S is a patented nano-formulation based long-lasting alcohol surface disinfectant. It is the only long-lasting (up to 35 Days) Surface Disinfectant product available in the current market which is alcohol-based. Once you apply, its alcohol component instantly (in less than 30 seconds) kill germs. Volatile alcohol evaporates and leaves nano-formulation coating on hard and soft surfaces. The release of active molecules from nano-formulation and special physicochemical properties of coated nanoparticles (positive charges) constantly kill germs within 60 seconds (in case of Corona Virus within 60 seconds) when it comes in contact with the coated surface. Moreover, after spraying of surface disinfectant on the surface, wiping is a hectic job. DuroKea S is alcohol based and does not need any wiping which saves time and labour. The fast (instant) or active killing of germs particularly Corona Virus is important as this will minimize the spreading of the virus or germs. DuroKea S is unique from the existing long-lasting surface disinfectants available in the market in terms of efficacy, price, and acceptability (see below).
ParametersDurokea SOrdinary Surface DisinfectantLong-Lasting Product (Abroad)Long-Lasting Product (India)
Long Lasting Protection (Time)Up to 35 Days*< 1 Minute≥ 30 DaysUp to 7 Days
Instant killing of COVID-19 Virus on Disinfectant Coated Surface (Time)<60 Seconds**NoData not availableData not available
Instant killing of other Germs on Disinfectant Coated Surface (Time)<60 Seconds**No> 10 Minutes> 10 Minutes
Need to Wipe after SprayNoNoYesYes
Active IngredientsPatented Nano FormulationAlcoholSilaneSilane/Small Molecules/Ag/Cu
Alcohol Based (Preferred by Medical Community)YesYesNoNo
Cost for 35 Days Protection (Considering 250 ml of Daily Use)~INR 375~INR 5850~INR 1844

~INR 834


* Based on Field Trial Data

**When Tested against Representative Organisms in Lab Conditions


It is safe for skin as the ingredients used are all approved by FDA, USA for cosmeceutical use. The skin irritation test has been performed by NABL accredited laboratory and certified as safe on skin.

No. DuroKea S is ONLY for Non-Living Surface. It is safe on skin means if the liquid falls on your skin during application you will not feel any irritation or you can touch the DuroKea S coated surface and it is safe for your skin.

NO. DuroKea S is alcohol (ethanol) based product. The varnished paint is soluble in alcohol. So, it is not recommended to spray on polished or varnished wood surface. It may discolour the varnished surface.

You can cover the wooden surface with polyethylene/paper/cloth such that only the metallic surface is exposed. You can carefully spray on the metallic surface thus avoiding the wooden surface.

It is not recommended to apply on such display surfaces. The multiple layers of nanoparticle coating may reduce the transparency of the screen.

Laboratory test results show that when corona virus suspension is placed on DuroKea S coated surface, 100 percent virus killing is observed within 60 seconds of incubation on the surface.

Yes. The NABL accredited laboratory has tested the  efficacy of DuroKea S towards seven different pathogenic bacteria and fungus. It was found that 99.99 % of these pathogenic bacteria and fungus were killed within 60 seconds on the DuroKea S coated surface.

It contains ~100 nm nano-formulation particles. Ideally, you cannot see if the surface is coated with 100 nm particles. However, when you spray DuroKea S on the surface, its surface adhesive nano-formulation may coat on the surface in multiple layers based on your spray amount. You can visualize the multiple layers of nanoparticles on the surface.

Our field test and scanning electron microscopic images shows the existence of nanoscale coating on the surface even when there is no visual coating of DuroKea S. So, surface is protected and you are protected. Even if you have any doubt it is better to spray DuroKea S on that area. In fact, our laboratory test shows that if the DuroKea S coated surface dries properly, it can withstand more than 3000 touches.