Hand Sanitizer Foam


Kea Biotech’s DuroKea H Aqua hand sanitizer is a novel water based long-lasting nano-formulation hand sanitizer specially designed for alcohol sensitive skin. Application of DuroKea H Aqua makes a nanoscale coating on the hand skin and provides protection till you wash your hands or up to 24 hours (whichever is earlier). It kills 99.99% of germs instantly including COVID-19 virus.

  • Ultra-gentle and Child friendly
  • Aqua-based instant protection
  • Kills 99.99% of germs Instantly within 60 seconds
  • Fight against COVID-19 Virus
  • Durable care till washing hands or up to 24 hours
  • Dermatologically tested safe for skin
  • FDA, USA approved safe molecules used


Dispense four full press of foam on to your palm (four push for adult and two push for child). Spread the foam equally all over the palm. Do not rub vigorously. Allow the mist to completely air dry. The nano coating will protect your hand from bacteria and viruses till you wash your hands or up to 24 hours.

What is long-lasting hand sanitizer and why you want it?

Conventional hand sanitizers kill germs including Corona Virus instantly and make your hands germ free. As the alcohol dries out in less than a minute, your hand will be contaminated again when you touch any other surface. Knowingly or unknowingly we frequently touch our hand to our facial area. You may get infected by germs through your contaminated hand. No matter how frequently you use the conventional hand sanitizers, you are vulnerable to germs or COVID-19 virus (can live for a few days on surface). In this current COVID-19 pandemic, if you want to protect yourself from your contaminated hand-mediated infection, you need to use something other than conventional hand sanitizers on your hand which can constantly kill germs including Corona Virus. Isn’t it? Concept of long-lasting hand sanitizer is obvious in this current pandemic situation and provides this constant protection.

How does long-lasting hand sanitizer work?

When you apply long-lasting hand sanitizer on your hand, its active molecules make a coating on your hand surface and keep on killing germs whenever it comes in contact to your coated skin. So, the chances of getting infection through your contaminated hand will be minimized.

How unique is DuroKea H Aqua as long-lasting hand sanitizer?

DuroKea H Aqua is a patented nano-formulation-based long-lasting aqua hand sanitizer. Once you apply, it instantly (in less than 30 seconds) kills germs on your hand and makes a nano-formulation coating on the hand surface. Relatively lower pH (< 7.4) and moisture enhances the release of active molecules from the nano-formulation and remains available to kill germs instantly. The unique nano formulation instantly kills germs including Corona Virus. DuroKea H Aqua is unique from existing long-lasting hand sanitizer available in the market in view of efficacy, price, and acceptability (see below).
Parameters DuroKea H Aqua Ordinary Hand Sanitizer Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer (Abroad) Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer (India)
Long Lasting Protection (Time) Till you wash your hands or Up to 24 hours whichever earlier* < 1 Minutes Up to 24 Hours Up to 24 Hours
Instant Killing of COVID-19 Virus on Hand Sanitizer Coated Surface (Time) < 4 Minutes** NIL Data not available Data not available
Instant Killing of other Germs on Hand Sanitizer Coated Surface (Time)** < 60 Seconds NIL ≥10 min Data not available
Active Ingredients Patented Nano Formulation Alcohol Silane Silane
Cost for Full Day’s Protection*** ~INR 15 ~INR 200 ~INR 160 ~INR 23

*Based on Field Trial/When Tested in Lab Condition.
**When Tested against Representative Organisms in Lab Conditions
***Regular Hand Sanitizer requires 25 to 35 Applications. Realistically Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer requires at least 3 Applications Per Day to Protect for 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You need to dispense four full press of foam on to your palm. Spread the liquid all over your palm. Then allow it to air dry completely. This process will make sure uniform coating of nano-formulation on your skin. Vigorous rubbing may result in non-uniform coating of nano-formulation on your hands and deviate from expected protection. We can show graphics of application here.

The nano-formulation is designed in such a way that it will wash out when you clean your hand using soap. You need to re-apply whenever you wash your hands using water.

It is a child friendly alcohol-free hand sanitizer. It is completely safe for skin as all the ingredients used are approved by FDA, USA for cosmeceutical use. The skin irritation test has been performed by NABL accredited laboratory and certified as safe on skin.

Laboratory test results show that when coronavirus suspension is placed on DuroKea H Aqua coated surface, 100 percent virus killing is observed within 60 seconds of incubation on the surface.

Yes. The NABL accredited laboratory has tested the efficacy of DuroKea H Aqua towards seven different pathogenic bacteria and fungus. It was found that 99.99 % of these pathogenic bacteria and fungus were killed within 60 seconds on the DuroKea H Aqua coated surface.