Kea Biotech is committed to provide you and your family 360-degree protection by our innovative long lasting antimicrobial products for surface, mask and hand, those are superior, effective and affordable.

Our Products

DuroKea S

Surface Disinfectant

DuroKea H

Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol Based)

DuroKea H Aqua

Hand Sanitizer (Water Based Foam)

DuroKea M

Antiviral Mask Coating Spray

How DuroKea Works?

Why DuroKea?


The instant killing of pathogens

The instant killing of pathogens is an immense necessity to protect you and your family from COVID-19 outbreak. Currently available long lasting (silane, silver based) hygiene products take a longer time (> 20 mins) to kill pathogens while DuroKea shows instant killing (30 sec) of model pathogenic bacteria/ fungus and Corona virus (<60 sec).


Alcohol-based hygiene products have been proven to be more effective thus being favourite and most popular worldwide including the medical community. DuroKea’s alcohol-based (70 %) products keep your choice and faith intact with superior long-lasting 360o protection.



Long-lasting protection

The alcohol instantly kills pathogens, and evaporation leaves behind the nano-formulation coating for long-lasting protection. Its unique positively charged nano formulation electrostatically attracts pathogens (normally negative charges) and kill instantly (<60 sec) by synergistic action of physical disruption (similar to silane) and chemical lysis from released molecules in close vicinity of pathogens.

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